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Pierrot Grenade of Trinidad and Tobago
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Pierrot Grenade

The supreme scholar / jester proud of his ability to spell any word in his own fashion, the Pierrot Grenade is descended from the Pierrot known for his elegant costume and fierce fighting prowess. This colourful cousin is dressed in a satin gown covered with bells hung, with a velvet heart shaped breasted piece bordered in swans down decorated with sequins and mirrors. Under his velvet beret he wore an iron pot to protect him from blows of opposing Pierrots' short steel or lead lined whips. A long train of strips embroidered with gold braids, stockinged feet in light shoes decorated with swans down and bells completed his costume. The Pierrot was eventually driven from the streets after numerous arrests and goal sentences for fighting.

Pierrot Grenade (supposedly from neighbouring Grenada) inherited his predecessor's love of oratory. The Pierrot was known to quote such Shakespearean characters as Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and Othello at length but the elaborate costume made way for a crocus bag gown. A mask, to hide his identity, usually a coloured head tie or hat completes his costume.
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