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Moko Jumbies of Trinidad and Tobago
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Moko Jumbies

The stilt dancer known throughout the Caribbean, is a traditional folk character that was originally brought from West Africa. The word "Moko" is derived from the name of a West African God and "jumbie" or "ghost" was added by liberated slaves after Emancipation. On stilts, that ranged between 10 to 15 feet high (often brightly painted in stripes) the Moko wore long full skirts or pants, a brightly coloured satin or velvet jacket and an elaborate admiral's hat topped by plumes.

The Moko Jumbie (sometimes accompanied by a dwarf in similar costume) would dance through the streets all day, collecting money from spectators gathered at second floor windows or on balconies. He danced a jig to the accompaniment of drum, triangle and flute or to the music of passing bands.
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